Pauline Letters

Paul’s writings make up almost half of the New Testament.  His letters total 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament.  They were written from many different places and situations from approximate 50 AD through the mid 60’s AD.

There are two main groupings of Paul’s writings; the prison epistles which were written while Paul sat in prison and the pastoral epistles which were written to two young pastors who had been trained by Paul.

Paul’s writings were often to churches that he founded but not always such as Romans which was written to a church that he hoped to visit but hadn’t been to yet.  Many of Paul’s letters are written to address specific problems within the church.  In the midst of this is some of greatest theology of the Bible and explanation of Jesus’ ministry.

This site is designed to provide commentary on all of Paul’s epistles as well as give a general overview of each book with themes and a background for each letter.  For an in depth look at the Life of Paul, see the in depth Bible study by Bob Conway.