Chronology of Paul’s Letters

This is a very brief chronology of Paul’s letters, placing them within context with one another and his missionary journeys.  The date of Galatians is debated but an early authorship is assumed here, making it the first letter written.

Paul’s conversion 34 AD

Paul’s First Missionary Journey 48-49 AD

Galatians written 49 AD

Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) 50 AD

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey 50-52 AD

1 Thessalonians 51 AD

2 Thessalonians 51-52 AD (approximately six months after 1 Thessalonians)

Paul’s Third Missionary Journey 53-57 AD

1 Corinthians 55 AD

2 Corinthians 55 AD

Romans 57 AD

Paul is arrested in Jerusalem 57 AD

Paul is a prisoner in Caesarea 57-59 AD

Paul is transferred to Rome and shipwrecked on Malta 59-60 AD

Paul is under house arrest in Rome 60-62 AD

Ephesians is written 60 AD

Colossians is written 60 AD

Philemon is written 60 AD

Philippians is written 61 AD

Paul’s Fourth Missionary Journey (implied from his epistles and backed up by writings outside of the Bible) 62-66 AD

1 Timothy is written 63-65 AD

Titus is written 63-65 AD

Paul is arrested and imprisoned in Rome a second time but is in a dungeon instead of house arrest 66-67 AD

2 Timothy is written 66 AD

Paul is martyred by beheading 67 AD

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