Outline of Romans

Romans tells us all about salvation, both the necessity of salvation as well as how to actually be saved.  At the center of salvation is righteousness.  This is a two ways street.  God is righteous but we are not.  Because of this we need to become righteous but of course we need God’s help to do this.

While there are many ways to outline the book of Romans, this outline focuses on righteousness found in Romans.  This outline is adapted from the NIV study Bible.

Romans 1 – Righteousness from God

Romans 1-3 – Unrighteousness of mankind

Romans 3-5 – Righteousness given through justification

Romans 6-8 – Righteousness applied through sanctification

Romans 9-11 – Righteousness rejected by Israel but finally accepted

Romans 12-15 – Righteousness practiced

Romans 16 – Greetings

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